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Ion Cluster Generator

Aug 30, 2011 GMT

company Sudo Premium Engineering
Coutnry/Region Korea (South)Korea (South)
address 4th floor, Sudo CAC Bldg., 1451-716, Secho-dong, Secho-gu, Seoul, Korea (South) 137-073
Contact Bang Jaemin
Phone 82-70-4164-7722
fax 82-2-595-5797
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Product Information

DI Series

* Explanation

The DI series products are designed to be installed in AHU (Air Handling Unit) or in a duct in order to be used in a large space within a building or a factory. After being installed, the product can help realize the saving of energy by reducing the frequency of ventilation.

* Features
- Can be used after being inserted into a air conditioner
- Can maximize the generated volume of ion by using highly pure quartz tube
- Can be automatically controlled through the interlocking with the fan of the air
- Various models corresponding to individual levels of air flow of air conditioners
- Easy to install and maintain
- Can help save energy by minimizing the inflow of outside air

Model  DI-4 DI-6 DI-8
Main Frame Dimension  675(W)×345(H)×165(D)    
Weight (Kg) 9.5 10 10.5
Tube size (mm)  Ø38 x 410 x 4ea Ø38 x 410 x 6 Ø38 x 410 x 8
(Diameter / Length) x Q’ty
Air Flow Rate  4,800 7,200 9,600
(CMH) for Office Area
Electric Power 100~240V, 50/60Hz  (Set on country specification)
Power Consumption
(watt)@220V, 60Hz
18W 27 W 36 W
Power cable length 1.5 m

Contact Information
Bang Jaemin ( Marketing team , Staff )
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  • company Sudo Premium Engineering
  • address 4th floor, Sudo CAC Bldg., 1451-716, Secho-dong, Secho-gu, Seoul, Korea (South) 137-073
  • fax 82-2-595-5797
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