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The No. 1 reason women return to your shop for maintenance is still the oil change stickers, according to the automotive aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA). Get one of those sticker machines and customize the oil change to K services. Many will need a rotation before an oil change, so get out of the oil change business and get into the K service business.

Most often what happens is if the egg happens to hit the car the wrong way it will chip the paint. So, first, you need to assess the damage very carefully. If the paint is not chipped you can try this method, otherwise you need to go to method 2.

Some of the downfalls of previously used RV Toy Haulers to consider; will be age and routine maintenance. In the event you are going to live fulltime in your Toy Box (don’t laugh, some do) understand that a number RV Parks will not approve RVs over the age of 10 years. Ridiculous, yes, but true. If this describes you, then I’d adhere to a Toy hauler around 5 years old.

First, read the operating and maintenance instructions of the equipment and see if anything is said about cleaning the remote. If so, follow those instruction and only use what is below if it does not contradict what the manufacturer has to say.

On top of these major changes, you can also add smaller differences, like replacing your car door handles or adding car emblems to the front of the car. Emblems can be distinctive and detailed, showing off your personality.

First, I learned truck tinting – stationary quarter windows and doors – before I moved on to tinting cars. In a very short time, I was tinting several cars a day and making 0 in a 5-day work week (that’s the equivalent to 60 a week today). Not bad for a beginner. Especially in 1980!!

Keyless Remotes come in handy in day to day life because they make unlocking, locking and starting your car so much easier. You no longer must worry about identifying your dainty little key on you overcrowded keychain that contains way more keys than you need. You can now reach for the one remote hanging amongst the sea of keys and use that to unlock, lock and start your car. All with the push of a button.